This next concert is goin’ big!

Prior to our announcement to the charity concert coming this October, we had no idea the community would respond like they have. Since the release, so many local businesses have reached out and offered sponsorship and advertising advantages. It has been incredible. We want to reach out and thank our original sponsor, who has been the best. We are thankful for the attention and positive media outlook. We believe this is huge for the community and creating positive energy in Park Place. Stay tuned for extra information and make sure you get your tickets now!!

Concert Tomorrow Night!

We have a big event coming to Parkplace Annapolis in the next couple days. Several high class yet to be released names of the bands, are coming to perform for us at the August special. Why not bring your honey along surprising her in a fancy limousine tomorrow night? Click here to book a lavish limo now.

Following dinner we are going to have a good time. Lights fires fireworks and good music. There are many reasons you could be going to a concert. One of them is to relieve the daily tension and just have a good time on Friday. Bring out your loved one and spend some quality time together enjoying the benefits of Annapolis.


Parkplace is famous for bringing together high-class people and having a high-class time. No cheap champagne here. We provide some the best drinks in the industry at our lavish balls and concerts. Of course 21 and over country singers singing at the concert.

There’s nothing like going out and enjoying a good round of golf falling with dinner falling with a good concert. It just puts the definition to summer. Bring your group of friends and spouse and enjoy the benefits of Maryland. The towering buildings in New York do not compare to the ingenuity of the country.

Softness and quality of our eastern coast nights. With the way the weather’s been lately, it would be a sin not to put on some sort of outdoor event. will be only attending. There’s nothing like enjoying good music on a cool night close to the ocean. Marilyn has several great beaches and with Parkplace Annapolis so close to them this is a no-brainer.

Tickets are available now online at our website, or visit us at Park Pl., Annapolis. The band names will be released shortly as soon as we know following a list of our sponsors. Many times we have penned events to our local bulletin board, which we will be doing shortly but we just wanted to let our web audience know soon as possible. Just a tip there will be Servpro.

Car parking will be available at the stadium parking free of charge if you purchased a ticket. Please take all your valuables or keep them hidden. We enjoy having our high-class guess, but regret to inform you that any stolen merchandise will be only your responsible.

Limo service will be available if you click on the link above. Please come and enjoy the lights and music see you there. Click here to contact an associate.

Welcome to Park-place Annapolis

Welcome to Park Pl., Annapolis. A place for so much history has taken it’s toll on the elegant and esteemed population of West Annapolis. Parkplace takes the highest place ever been living. With its luxury shops and many retirees. It’s not just the cool weather or beautiful city skyline that has attracted its residents, but it’s also the Renaissance in history that is contained in the urban skyline.



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